Get In Tune with what kids are doing online. Internet Culture:

Dancing Matt -
He did his first of these in 2005. This is the latest version. Very inspiring actually...

Charlie the Unicorn -
I can't explain this. It's very weird, not all that funny and wildly popular. The 7th grader wearing the Unicorn shirt is probably not really into unicorns in the traditional, Lisa Frank way. She's probably a Charlie fan.

Fred -
Fred is a high school kid who started making youtube videos where he acts like a 6 year old. They are kind of funny in an extremely annoying sort of way. What you need to realize is the the guy that does this is just some kid from Nebraska and he has millions of subscribers. Millions of people all over the world know this guy. No budget. No special talents... just a funny video. Now you can buy his face on a T-Shirt at Hot Topic at the mall. Our kids have a potentially enormous audience.

Fun with Mentos -
So you probably know that if you put Mentos candies into diet soda, it foams up. These guys just do it better than everyone else.

Faster Stronger -
Stick with this one. It gets more impressive as it goes on. Impressive in a sad sort of way. These type of things take a lot of practice.

Hit and run improv -
These guys have been doing these things for a while. Good stuff.

Bang a Drum -
Less of a meme and more of a viral video. Inspiring and humbling.

Chuck Norris -
Chuck Norris is more popular now than he ever was when he actually was on the TV and movie screen. Even kids who were born AFTER his last show was canceled probably know who Chuck Norris is.

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